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Great responsibility – and great opportunities to make a difference

October 28, 2021

Great responsibility – and great opportunities to make a difference

"We live in a time of unprecedented challenges for people and our planet, but also immense opportunities for change if we work together," says CEO Ole Robert Reitan.

Since Ole Robert's grandparents opened their first grocery store in 1948, the Reitan family has been committed to conducting business with a strong value-based culture. In a world marked by significant challenges, this is becoming increasingly important.

With 3,600 outlets in the Nordic and Baltic regions, 45,000 employees and 2 million daily customer interactions, Ole Robert is keenly aware of the company's impact.

" The impact of the choices we make is enormous. This gives us great responsibility, but also great opportunities to make a difference," he says.

A leading force in the green transition

For Reitan Retail, a value-based culture involves several aspects of responsibility. We have identified four areas where we believe we can make a difference: climate and environment, health, people, and the value chain.

"The needs of the planet and the customers are evolving rapidly. We at Reitan Retail can and should make a difference – both for the planet and for our customers," says Ole Robert.

Therefore, we have clear goals and ambitions: We will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contribute to public health, promote greater diversity and equality in the workplace, and ensure transparency throughout the value chain.

Especially in terms of the environment and climate, Ole Robert believes that Reitan Retail has an important role, emphasising that the company should and will be a leading force in the green transition.

"About half of the world's climate emissions come from food systems and transportation. We operate and have significant influence in both sectors. Thus, we are part of the problem," says Ole Robert.

At Reitan Retail, we will strengthen our efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The ambition is to halve greenhouse gas emissions from our own products by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2050.

Read more about our goals and ambitions and examples of actions we have already taken here.

Still keeping it simple

Ole Robert is confident that an increased focus on the environment and sustainability aligns with what customers want – and demand – from them.

"We should be present in communities and close to the customer. And we should make it easier for the customer to make healthy and responsible choices so that we can make the world a little better together," says Ole Robert.

We are still far from our goals, and the roadmap to 2030 contains a significant innovation gap – which will be a focus area going forward. However, Ole Robert is not in doubt that the company is on the right track.

"We have the will, the courage, and the opportunities needed to be a leading force in the transition to a more sustainable future," he says, and continues:

"Keeping it simple will be just as relevant in the future – just even simpler. Therefore, we must constantly renew ourselves. That way, we will ensure profitable growth, responsible operations and the best customer experiences."

Read Ole Robert's reflections on the past year and the future in his letter from the CEO in Reitan Retail's 2023 annual report.

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