April 30, 2024


Here you will find our annual reports and responsibility reports.

During our third year as one integrated retail company, we have continued to strengthen, renew and further develop Reitan Retail in both the Nordic and Baltic countries.

For 2023, we have published one document, covering reporting on both financial and responsibility aspects.

In the report you can read more about what we achieved during the year, which goals we are working towards, and how we are working to achieve them.

Reports and archive

YearBusiness areaReport
2023Reitan RetailTCFD report

pdf 1.3 MB

2023Reitan Convenience Sustainability Report 2023

pdf 9.8 MB

2023Uno-X MobilityAnnual and Sustainability Report 2023

pdf 154.3 MB

2022REMA 1000 NorwaySustainability report 2022 (Norwegian)

pdf 28.5 MB

2022REMA 1000 DenmarkSustainability report 2022

pdf 23.9 MB

2022Reitan ConvenienceSustainability report 2022

pdf 4.7 MB

GRI index 2022

pdf 2.3 MB

2022Uno-X MobilityAnnual and sustainability report 2022

pdf 10.1 MB

GRI Index 2022

pdf 1.1 MB

2022Norsk KyllingResponsibility report 2022 (Norwegian)

pdf 17.1 MB

2021Reitan RetailAnnual report 2021

pdf 6.9 MB

Sustainability report 2021

pdf 11.2 MB

2021REMA 1000 NorwaySustainability report 2021 (Norwegian)

pdf 9.1 MB

2021REMA 1000 DenmarkSustainability report 2021 (Danish)

pdf 22.5 MB

2021Reitan ConvenienceResponsibility report 2021

pdf 6.8 MB

GRI index 2021

pdf 2.1 MB

2021Uno-X MobilitySustainability report 2021 (Norwegian)

pdf 13.5 MB

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