Our history

Our history

We are a leading retail company in the Nordic and Baltic countries, present in people´s everyday lives.

Reitan Retail is a value-driven retail company with 45,000 employees and close to 3,600 outlets in seven Nordic and Baltic countries.

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Our goal is to create the best customer experiences in people's everyday lives and contribute positively to a more sustainable future. We are present where people are, close to the customer and local communities, operating efficiently and responsibly. In this way, we create value for local communities, for partners, and not least for the customer - our top manager.

Our value-based culture has been the cornerstone of our operations since Ole and Margit Reitan opened their first retail store in Trondheim in 1948. Their son, Odd Reitan, drew inspiration from franchise operations in Germany and opened the first REMA 1000 store in 1979, also in Trondheim. This is where today's CEO, Ole Robert Reitan, began his career in the grocery industry – as an 8-year-old and a doorman.

Since then, the company has grown in Norway, the Nordic countries and the Baltics, always faithful to the values and business idea. In addition to REMA 1000, today's Reitan Retail results from several acquisitions and mergers of companies that have been part of people's everyday lives for generations. The history goes back to 1894 when Bertrand Narvesen established the kiosk concept Narvesen. Since then, other well-known and beloved brands have been added, including Pressbyrån, R-kiosk, Lietuvos Spauda, 7-Eleven, Uno-X, Norsk Kylling, Kolonihagen, Solvinge, Kjeldsberg, Spekeloftet, Stange and Grans.

While continually strengthening and developing our concepts and values, we are an innovative and responsible retail company that thinks differently about future trade. We reduce climate emissions and food waste, making it easier for customers to make healthy and responsible choices. Together with customers, employees, partners and local communities, we make everyday life a little easier and the world a little better.

"Through strong values, efficient operations and local ownership, we will create the best customer experiences"

Ole Robert Reitan

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