Our strategy

September 29, 2021

Our strategy

Close, simple and responsible is our focus.


We must be close and participative in customers lives and visible in the local community. We want to be a predictable partner and a safe and good employer.


We do not create complicated solutions to impress others. We focus on the right things and cut the unnecessary. The simple is often the best.


We will contribute to good public health, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create greater diversity and equality in working life and ensure transparency throughout the value chain.

We will create profitable growth by strengthening and renewing ourselves through the following measures:

  • Strengthen our culture and develop our franchise system
  • Strengthen competitiveness through lower costs and better terms
  • Establish new sales outlets and renew existing portfolio to boost average turnover
  • Strengthen and renew concepts to meet growing customer needs
  • Strengthen and renew the digital customer experience
  • Implement ambitious ESG measures across the entire organization

Our business idea

Through strong values, efficient operations and local ownership, we create the best customer experiences.

Our purpose

Together, we make everyday life a little bit easier and the world a little bit better.

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