Uno-X Men’s Team to the 2023 Tour de France

Uno-X Pro Cycling Team is invited to the Tour de France in 2023. A first in the history of sports! Never before has a Norwegian-Danish team competed in this iconic cycling race.

From left, Rasmus Fossum Tiller, Alexander Kristoff, and Anders Skaarseth Photo: Wordup Projects

“We are extremely proud, humble, and grateful for the invitation. Tour de France is the ultimate dream, and just being a part of this is a victory for the team,” says Jens Haugland, General Manager of Uno-X Pro Cycling Team.

Haugland emphasises that the team is very ambitious: “We will be well prepared for this year’s edition. Our long-term goal is to be able to fight for top positions in races like the Tour de France in the future. We see no reason to think that this isn’t possible,” he continues.

On the lookout for a name partner

Tour de France is one of the world’s greatest sporting events. The three-week cycling happening is broadcasted to about 190 countries, and more than 150 million people follow it. Haugland points out that the exposure of Tour de France participation is enormous and proclaims that Uno-X is searching for a future partner that can help strengthening the project even more.

“We are looking for a partner with matching values and a willingness to go big; someone who shares our enthusiasm for cycling and sustainable mobility,” says Haugland.

Uno-X Mobility has built Uno-X Pro Cycling Team from the ground up. The team was established in 2016, and today it comprises a women’s team, and men’s team, and a development team. The women’s team participated in the Tour de France Femmes in 2022 and will return to the event this year.

REITAN’s formula for success

Adhering to REITAN’s company philosophy, Uno-X has secured a strong market position in both Norway and Denmark. Simple and effective quality solutions is the base, also for the newly introduced concepts, ultrafast EV charging, and Nordic Swan ecolabelled car washers.

Uno-X Pro Cycling Team is developed, step by step, applying the same philosophy and value set as the other companies within Reitan Retail, informs Vegar Kulset, CEO of Uno-X Mobility.

“Parallel with our belief in doing things simple and efficient, we recognise the power and joys of dreaming big. Dreams do not always come true, but with our cycling ambassadors now going to the Tour de France – both the women and men – we showcase what can happen when we dare dreaming big and combine it with long-term, hard work,” he says.

Ole Robert Reitan, CEO of Reitan Retail, which Uno-X Mobility is a part of, says he looks forward to this year’s cycling season even more than he usually does.

“The way Uno-X Mobility has managed to develop a world class team that now will be competing in the Tour de France in 2023, for both men and women, impresses me. I look forward to the coming cycling season with enormous anticipation,” says Ole Robert Reitan.