Uno-X Mobility enters ultra-fast EV charging market

Danish and Norwegian EV-owners can look forward to experiencing Uno-X’s entry into electric charging, delivering a simple and affordable solution to the market. The first station with 300 kW ultra-fast chargers opens in Nyborg, Denmark, on Friday the 22nd of April. The first location in Norway will, according to schedule, open at some point during the summer.

«The opening of our very first ultra-fast charging station is an important strategic milestone and marks the beginning of an ambitious venture into electric mobility,» says Ole Robert Reitan, CEO of Reitan Retail and chairman of the board in Uno-X Mobility.

«Through Uno-X, we have a clear ambition of providing the customer with simpler, and more sustainable mobility. Our locations will provide quick, simple, and affordable EV-charging,» he says.

Ultra fast charging while shopping at REMA 1000

Utilizing already existing locations is an integral part of Reitan Retail’s strategy. Uno-X will, to a large extent, use Reitan Retail locations when developing new EV-charging stations.

«This means that, in the future, there will be accessible Uno-X ultra-high-speed charging both at certain REMA 1000 grocery stores and Uno-X stations in Norway and Denmark,» states Reitan.

Minister opens first charging station

The very first location will be opened by the Danish minister for transport, Trine Bramsen, in Nyborg, Denmark, on Friday the 22nd of April. In Norway, Uno-X expects to open the first EV-charging station at some point during this summer.

– We’re glad we now can offer ultra-fast charging for electric vehicles, says Vegar Kulset, CEO of Uno X Mobility.

– In the mid-term perspective, we believe that our locations will be able to charge about a thousand vehicles at once on Reitan Retail locations throughout Norway and Denmark, says Kulset.

Simple, easy, and affordable

Ultra fast charging at Uno-X will not require a subscription plan, creating new user account, a charging key, or similar.

– All EV drivers on the go will be able to use our new chargers. All you will need is an ordinary credit.