Our responsibility report

Our responsibility report

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time, and human health and well-being are closely linked to the state of the environment. With our footprint and impact stemming from the food and transportation sectors, we have both the opportunity and a responsibility to contribute proactively towards a more sustainable future.

Based on where we have the most significant impacts, we have defined strategies, ambitions, and concrete targets within four focus areas: environment, health, people, and value chain.

We work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect soil and biodiversity, we aim to contribute to good public health, we foster diversity, inclusion, and equality, and we seek transparency and sustainability across the entire value chain.

At Reitan Retail, we can and will make a difference, for the planet and for the customer.

Our responsibility report refers to the strong commitment and responsible work that is done within sustainability in the company. We are proud of our first responsibility report, and we hope you will find it honest and compelling - Enjoy!

Reports Archive

YearBusiness areaReport
2021REMA 1000 NorwayResponsibility report

pdf 9.1 MB

2021REMA 1000 DenmarkResponsibility report

pdf 22.5 MB

2021Reitan ConvenienceResponsibility report

pdf 6.8 MB

GRI index

pdf 2.1 MB

2021Uno-X Mobility Responsibility report

pdf 13.5 MB

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